Apple May Dump High-End Mac Pro Desktops

Apple to Consider the Fate of Mac Pro

by Anton Shilov
10/31/2011 | 02:37 PM

Thanks to unprecedented increase of PC performance and wide adoption of personal computers the structure of the whole market changed dramatically in the recent years. Apple was among the first computer makers to shift a lot of attention onto notebooks and it may become the first manufacturer to dump high-end Mac Pro workstation due to low sales.


Last quarter Apple sold 4.79 million Macintosh computers, an all time record for over thirty years. Approximately 74% of all Macs are notebooks, whereas the vast majority of desktops that Apple sells are iMac all-in-one (AIO) systems. Sales of high-end Mac Pro workstations are very limited for many reasons and it is clear that they are well behind workstations from Dell or Hewlett-Packard.

Executives of Apple nowadays believe Mac Pro's days – at least in its current form – were inevitably numbered. Apparently, sales of the high-end workstations to both consumers and enterprises have dropped off so considerably that the Mac Pro is no longer a particularly profitable operation for Apple, reports AppleInsider web-site.

Modern laptops and iMac AIOs have enough processing power for the vast majority of professional applications and thanks to technologies like Thunderbolt can support rapid storage sub-systems as well as external add-on-cards in case they need them. Moreover, Apple may redesign the Mac Pro systems so that they could use more technologies developed for other personal computers.

But Apple Mac Pros are not just high-end personal computers from Apple. They are bought by the most loyal customers of the company who either develop software for Mac OS X or iOS or use those systems for professional video editing or design. Discontinuing Mac Pros means that the company will make its loyal customers unhappy as it is impossible to integrate ultra high-end professional graphics cards and storage sub-systems into laptop or AIO form-factors.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.