Microsoft May Postpone Release of Windows 8 to October

Microsoft Windows 8 May Be Launched in October

by Anton Shilov
03/20/2012 | 08:15 PM

Microsoft Corp. may release its highly-anticipated Windows 8 operating system a couple of months later than originally expected, in October, 2012, according to a new media report. The delay will have a negative impact of demand towards new personal computers early during the back to school season (BTS).


The world's largest software designer is projected to finish development of Windows 8 operating system (OS) this summer, whereas the first personal computers powered by next-gen Windows will become available in October, reports Bloomberg news-agency. The new OS will support both traditional x86 as well as ARM-architecture microprocessors, therefore the choice of various Windows 8-based devices should be pretty wide from day one. Unfortunately, only five ARM-based devices are projected to be available at Windows 8 launch.

Previously, it was reported that Microsoft would release its next-gen OS to manufacturing in June and then launch Windows 8, online market <ONM>, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox Store sometimes in August. However, it looks like the plans have changed since late, 2011.

While the October launch will allow Microsoft and its hardware partners to sell a lot of hardware and software during the Christmas holiday season, the launch in August would let the companies to sell more PCs during critical back-to-school season.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.