Apple and Samsung Ordered to Conduct Settlement Conference

Apple and Samsung to Have Patent Settlement Conference Within 90 Days

by Anton Shilov
04/17/2012 | 11:48 PM

Chief executive officers and general counsels of Apple and Samsung Electronics are ordered to conductor a patent infringement settlement conference within 90 days, a U.S. judge ruled on Tuesday. The execs have reportedly agreed to host such a meeting.


Judge Lucy Koh of the U.S. district court for the northern district of California on Tuesday ordered Apple and Samsung to attend a settlement conference within 90 days, reports IDG News Service. Given the fact that the two companies have sued each other for patent infringements in different parts of the world, a broad settlement conference that would involve chief executive officers and lawyers may be one of the most efficient ways to resolve the dispute.

Although Apple and Samsung are battling in courts, they remain key partners as Samsung manufactures chips, screens, memory and some other components for Apple. The companies are projected to work together until at least the end of 2014.

It is reported that Apple’s top management still believes Samsung is the only parts maker in the world ideally-positioned to meet all of the critical conditions, such as better pricing, technologically-enhanced products, on-time delivery and the capability to immediately respond to any emergency situation.