Apple and Samsung Fail to Reach Settlement at Special Meeting

Court-Ordered Meeting Does Not Resolve Apple Vs. Samsung Dispute

by Anton Shilov
05/23/2012 | 06:18 PM

Apple and Samsung Electronics did not reach any resolutions in their patent infringement dispute during a special meeting of top executives, which was ordered to be carried out by court. The two day negotiations led to nothing and the two companies continue to accuse each other of infringement of multiple patents.


Choi Gee-sung, chief executive officer of Samsung, and Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung's mobile phone division, flew to Cupertino, California, on Sunday to have a two-day meeting with Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, in an attempt to settle the patent fight without going into costly legal proceedings, reports the Korea Times news-paper.

The two technology giants could find no clear agreement through the talks, according to a Samsung official. The patent battle is now headed for trial in July, despite both firm’s stated wish to avoid legal proceedings. Some reports claim that Samsung continued to demand Apple pay royalties for using patented wireless technologies, whereas Apple insisted that Samsung copied its designs in various products.

But while no decisions were made during the meeting, the report citing Shin Jong-kyun claims that Samsung was considering a cross-licensing agreement with Apple in addition to other ways of resolving the issue before the executives left South Korea.

Apple and Samsung accuse each other of various patent infringements in different courts around the world. At the same time, Apple is Samsung's largest customer, whereas Samsung is Apple's largest supplier of components that are used in a wide number of the company's products.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.