Samsung Begins to Produce 28nm/32nm Chips for STMicroelectronics

Samsung and STM Enter into Strategic Foundry Relationship

by Anton Shilov
09/27/2012 | 11:49 PM

Samsung Electronics and STMicroelectronics on Thursday inked an agreement under which the former will product STM’s products using 32/28nm high-K metal gate (HKMG) process technologies. Although ST participated in development of bulk 32nm and 28nm process technologies at Common Platform Alliance, the company could not afford equipment needed to produce chips at leading-edge nodes.


“We have successfully started production of STMicroelectronics’ new-generation 32/28nm SoC products. A foundry relationship with ST demonstrates our commitment to advanced process technology and our 32/28nm HKMG process-technology leadership. We have aggressively ramped 32/28nm capacity and will continue to deliver the most advanced process solutions to our customers,” said Kwang-Hyun Kim, executive vice president of foundry business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics’ foundry business has been selected by STMicroelectronics to provide it with products at the 32/28nm process node. The relationship has already resulted in taping-out of a dozen ST advanced system-on-chip (SoC) devices for mobile, consumer and network applications.


Samsung and STMicroelectronics have developed 32/28nm HKMG technology through participation in the International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA) [technology alliance between IBM, AMD/GlobalFoundries, Freescale, Infineon, NEC, Samsung, STMicroelectronics and Toshiba], besides, the two companies worked on the 28/32nm nodes in the Common Platform Alliance. Although STM has an advanced Crolles 2 facility in Grenoble, France, capable of producing around 10 thousand 300mm wafers a month, the company did not install equipment needed to produce chips using 32nm and 28nm process technology.

“Both ST and Samsung have worked together on advanced process-technology development through the ISDA and that experience has provided significant insight into our ability to work together to meet our objectives and thus provide unique service to our customers in demanding and fast-moving markets,” said Jean-Marc Chery, executive vice president, chief-technology officer for STMicroelectronics.