Samsung to Start Radical Brand Makeover at CES

Samsung Set to Reinvent Its Brand Recognition

by Anton Shilov
11/07/2012 | 09:53 PM

For many personal computer companies, which are known mostly for mainboards and graphics cards, it is rather hard to transform themselves into suppliers of consumer electronics, such as notebooks, smartphones, tablets or something like this. For CE makers, this is another product: to create a “cool” brand image. Apparently, this is exactly what Samsung Electronics reportedly plans to do.


At the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Samsung is projected to reveal a new brand image, which should completely redefine recognition of the Samsung brand. In particular, Samsung image should become less Asian and more global, like Nike’s, and more vibrant and energetic, like Apple’s. Considering the fact that nowadays the role of ecosystems and lifestyle features is growing, the importance of the right brand image is great.

According to Australian Channel News web-site, Samsung will work with a design team that previously worked with Nike on branding. The project will reportedly be overseen by Scott Bedbury, a leading brand consultant.

“Even the advertising will change with products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does,” said an anonymous source in a conversation with Channel News web-site.

The new brand image and maybe even the new logotype will need to show that Samsung is a modern global company with high-quality products with modern functionality suitable for modern Internet-connected lifestyle. Potentially, this new brand image will need to have an effect on all products sold by Samsung Electronics.

Samsung did not comment on the news-story.