AMD Blasts Intel Atom Chips for Micro-Servers

AMD: Intel Is Too Late with Chips for Micro-Servers

by Anton Shilov
12/11/2012 | 11:40 PM

Advanced Micro Devices has responded to Intel Corp.’s release of the world’s first dedicated central processing unit for micro-servers. According to AMD, Intel is too late with its Atom S1200-series chips and the processors themselves are not enough to create a competitive micro-server platform. AMD insists that in order to make advanced micro-servers, it needs to use ARM chip architecture. AMD also reckons Intel’s initial unfriendly approach to micro-servers.


“Intel’s 'history' with micro servers has been very. The original SeaMicro SM10000 server used Intel’s Atom processor, but Intel was not supportive of this.  For years, the company fought SeaMicro on their choice of processor. Almost two years ago, Intel had a 64-bit, dual-core Atom processor part made for SeaMicro, but this processor was not promoted by Intel,” an official letter from AMD claims.

AMD acquired SeaMicro earlier this year and got high-speed Freedom fabric, which it considers to be the corner stone not only for micro-servers, but for its success on the server market in general. By contrast to Intel, AMD has not yet revealed a single server-class microprocessor based on a low-power micro-architecture; the company does have very low-power multi-core AMD Opteron chips in its arsenal, but they are still pretty power-hungry for micro-servers, which should rely on chips with minimum heat-dissipation.

While AMD does have code-named Bobcat and Jaguar low-power x86 cores in its pockets, it considers license to make ARMv8-compatible chips as the main trump on the micro-server market. Moreover, AMD blames Intel for poor success on the market of smartphones and tablets, two markets where AMD is completely absent (one design win is hardly a presence).

“Intel is way behind on small cores. They have no cell phone market share, little tablet market share, and now they are threatened that they will lose server market share. AMD and its SeaMicro technology are leading the charge in micro-server technology and development. We recently announced a technology partnership with ARM and plans to roll out micro servers using ARM technology. It’s understandable that Intel is threatened, but we would like to make sure that everyone has the facts straight,” stressed AMD.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.