Environmentalists Worried About TSMC’s 450mm Fab in Central Taiwan

Locals Protest Building of TSMC’s First 450mm Fab in 2014

by Anton Shilov
12/27/2012 | 06:28 PM

Local environmental activists and council representatives showed up this week at a meeting against Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s plans to build its first 450mm wafer fab plant at the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), where the park’s administration presented its environmental-evaluation and health-risk assessment plan for the first 450mm wafer fab.


TSMC intends to start building its first 450mm fab in the first quarter of 2014, less than a quarter after the authorities complete their evaluations and assessments. Meanwhile numerous local residents who live near the Taichung City, accuse factories in the CTSP of illegally discharging sewage at night, creating air pollution and noise. The environmental activists also claim that CTSP causes frequent flooding that hit the area, reports China Economic News Service.

While semiconductor fab themselves do not create a lot of air pollution, they consume tremendous amount of energy and utilize remarkable amount of water. It is unclear at this point how much water and energy will TSMC’s 450mm fab require as all of its details are still to be determined later, when production equipment is ready for mass production and other parameters are set.

TSMC already acquired land for its 450mm semiconductor facility, which will cost around $13.7 billion to construct and equip.