Intel: Final Decision Regarding Conversion of Fab 24 Has Not Been Made

Ireland Okays New Intel Fab, But Intel’s Plans Not Finalized

by Anton Shilov
01/25/2013 | 02:09 PM

Ireland’s lead planning agency An Bord Pleanála has reportedly allowed Intel Corp. to start building a new large semiconductor manufacturing fab adjacent to its production complex near Leixlip. But while Intel has got an approval from both local and governmental agencies, the company has not made a decision to actually build a new fab. Moreover, even the upgrade plan of the Fab 24 has not been finalized.


The complex near Leixlip, Ireland is Intel's largest manufacturing plant outside of the U.S. and consists of several semiconductor manufacturing facilities: fab 10 that processes 200mm wafers as well as fab 24 module 1 and module 2 that process 300mm wafers. The Irish site is on Intel’s roadmap as one of the first production facilities to adopt 14nm process technology. Moreover, Intel at one point applied for a permission to build another semiconductor facility in the complex.

Even though Intel does have all the permissions to build a new facility and the Irish site is in the roadmap for conversion to 14nm process technology, the company has not finalized its plans and has not announced anything formally.

“We have not made a decision on building a new fab in Ireland. The permits that were approved by the local authorities are part of our normal planning process and we have these kinds of permits in several location around the world. We have not announced any plans at this stage,” said Chuck Mulloy, a spokesman for Intel.

Intel president and chief executive officer, Paul Otellini, announced last May plans to start making chips using 14nm process technology at Fab 24 in Leixlip, Ireland. The schedule for the upgrade is also not finalized.

“We have not disclosed a schedule for deploying 14 nm in Ireland.  We will let you know when we do,” stated Mr. Mulloy.