Tilera Announces 72-Core Chip with 23MB Cache for Network Devices

Tilera Proclaims Tile Gx72, the World’s Highest-Performance and Highest-Efficiency Manycore Processor

by Anton Shilov
02/24/2013 | 12:01 PM

Tilera Corp. has announced the Tile-Gx72 processor with 72 power-efficient cores coupled with massive I/O and quad-channel high-performance DDR3 memory controller to drive the next-generation of network, multimedia and cloud infrastructure.


Tilera’s customers are building the intelligent infrastructure for tomorrow’s hyper-connected, mobile networks and the amount of real-time data and video content is growing exponentially each year. Substantially more complex services are being offered, and the rapid pace of new feature additions demands a software-based model with familiar, standards-based programming tools. Further, OEMs are insisting on dramatically higher levels of performance and scalability from their processor supplier.

The Tile-Gx72 leverages Tilera’s many innovations – including the iMesh 2-dimensional interconnect, DDC distributed coherent cache, and TileDirect direct-to-cache I/O – to deliver the highest compute-per-watt efficiency of any multicore processor in its class. The 72 cores each support three-issue operations and 64-bit capabilities. Each processor core integrates L1 and L2 caches and supports virtual memory and multiple privilege levels. In total, the chip has 23MB of L3 ECC cache. Tile-Gx72 sports 8 10Gb/s Ethernet ports, configurable as 32 1Gb/s ports; 6 PCI Express ports with 24 lanes of SerDes and other capabilities.

“The Tile-Gx72 rounds out our processor portfolio, complementing our 9, 16 and 36-core TILE-Gx processors and is offering a remarkable range of processing performance. Customers demand ever-increasing levels of performance and performance-per-watt to stay competitive and they simultaneously want to reuse their software and hardware investments across their product portfolio. The TILE-Gx72 brings an unprecedented amount of compute to customer designs, and leverages thousands of open source libraries and the growing Linux ecosystem,” said Devesh Garg, president and chief executive officer of Tilera.

The Tile-Gx72 is suited for compute and I/O-intensive applications including:

“We continue to be impressed with the scalability of the Tile-Gx family with its seamless software compatibility from 9 cores to 72 cores. The TILE-Gx72 processor brings the right mix of compute, low-latency I/O, memory bandwidth, and accelerators for the needs of our intelligent, integrated security appliances,” said Ofer Raz, head of platforms and architecture of Check Point Software Technologies.