Tyan Showcases Servers with Up to Eight GPUs Support at GPU Technology Conference

Tyan Showcases High-Performance Computing Systems with GPU Support

by Anton Shilov
03/18/2013 | 11:56 PM



Tyan, a leading server platform design manufacturer and subsidiary of Mitac International Corp, presents its cutting-edge GPU-supporting platform during the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference 2013. Tyan’s server offerings range from 2U to 4U and are compatible with up to eight Nvidia Tesla compute accelerators. The company also sells server mainboards compatible with GPUs.

Targeting from mainstream applications to the most complicated high performance computing, Tyan develops a rich product portfolio of GPU-based platforms. These products offer flexible and scalable performance as well as maximum efficiency in order to help customers deploying an ideal GPU cluster solutions. All the Tyan GPU platforms are under-validation with industry-leading companies' GPU products. The Tyan TA77-B7061, FT48-B7055 and FT77-B7059 GPU platforms passed the validation and are fully compatible with Nvidia Tesla K-series GPU accelerators. The bundled product portfolios of Tyan GPU platforms and Nvidia Tesla K will be widely available in Q2.

Supporting four Nvidia Tesla K series GPU accelerators and two Intel Xeon E5-2600-series processors in a 2U chassis, the Tyan TA77-B7061 delivers outstanding computing performance as well as saves computing density. It saves both computing time and the server server/rack space that allows customers enjoy more flexible and upgradeable computing performance to tailor to their own computing environment.

Tyan FT48-B7055 is compatible with two Intel Xeon E5-2600-series processors and up to four of Nvidia Tesla K series GPU accelerator in a 4U chassis delivers incredible computing performance for high speed and secure data computing that would be the perfect solution for HPC and power-efficient computing environments. For customers looking for most space saving in conjunction with highest computing performance, Tyan presents its FT77A-B7059, the most high-density GPU platforms supporting up to eight of Nvidia Tesla K-series GPU accelerator and two units of Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors in a 4U chassis.

In order to meet different demands from technical computing, GPU and HPC fields, Tyan also display its S7055 and S7056 motherboards at GTC 2013. Both support Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors, the S7055 motherboard is compatible with 4 GPUs and the S7056 motherboard is compatible with 2 GPUs.