Windows Blue Build 9364 Reportedly Leaks to the Internet

New Features Discovered in Leaked Windows Blue OS

by Anton Shilov
03/25/2013 | 11:44 PM

After various rumours and leaks regarding Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Blue operating system emerged, the first copy of the OS has transpired on the Internet. As it appears, the Windows Blue is real and it has a number of new user interface-related features and capabilities in addition to improvements on the deeper level of the OS.


Microsoft Windows build 9364 is the first operating system that leaked after Windows 8 was released, reports web-site. The OS is actually called Windows 8 Pro, which confirms the early rumours that Windows Blue is actually a major update to Windows 8, not a brand-new operating system developed from scratch.

While Microsoft Windows Blue is expected to have a number of improvements that is related to performance and battery life of mobile devices, the main features that are evident today are related to user interface.

Here are the highlights of the Windows Blue improvements, as noticed by PCWorld and PCPerspective web-sites:

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.