Microsoft Mulls Bringing Back Start Button, Boot to Desktop to Windows 8.1 “Blue”

Microsoft Windows 8.1 “Blue” for Desktops May Feature Traditional Windows Features

by Anton Shilov
04/16/2013 | 10:48 PM

Microsoft Corp.’s latest operating system for desktops and notebooks has received a fair amount of criticism for dumping Start button and introducing Metro-style start screen. However, the rumours have it that Windows 8.1 “Blue” update might bring back not only optional traditional desktop on boot, but also the selective Start menu.


Microsoft may be working on an option to jump straight to the desktop for users in Windows Blue, according to code found inside important operating system files, reports WinBeta web-site. Currently users see the Start Screen on boot and cannot turn it off; in Windows 8.1 “Blue” users will be able to choose an option to skip the Start Screen and jump directly to desktop.

Since the users of Windows 8 have also criticized the usage of the Start Screen in favor of the usage of the Start Menu in general, Microsoft is also considering bringing back the Start button as an option with Windows Blue, reports ZDnet web-site.

Since Microsoft has publicly said that the majority of Windows 8 users do not miss boot-to-desktop and Start button, it is hard to imagine that the company might change its mind with the major update to Windows platforms and services code-named Blue. Moreover, keeping in mind that the pack will include updates to tablet-oriented Windows RT, the introduction of boot-to-desktop and Start menu is unlikely. Still, Microsoft could make both optional to satisfy the needs of classic Windows users. For example, the company changed the implementation of User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7 after heavy criticism from Windows Vista users.

Microsoft is now expected to release Windows 8.1 to manufacturing sometimes in August, 2013, which will give PC makers plenty of time to prep their all-new PCs for the holiday season. It is expected that the first PCs with 8.1 updates will emerge in September, 2013. 

Since Blue includes updates for numerous operating systems, services and devices that Microsoft has to offer, it is logical to expect them to land to Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms as well. The Blue update for Windows RT will be referred to as “Windows RT 8.1”, according to ZDnet.

While the full picture of Blue updates remains generally unclear, the enhancements of Windows 8.1 over Windows 8 have already been published:


Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.