MSI Debuts World’s First and Only 27” All-in-One Gaming System

MSI Unleashes 27” AIO System for Gamers

by Anton Shilov
04/18/2013 | 07:18 PM

MicroStar International, a leading supplier of mainboards and graphics cards, on Thursday introduced the industry’s first and yet the only 27” all-in-one (AIO) personal computer designed for gamers. The system, features high-performance microprocessor, advanced discrete graphics and capacious storage. At the same time, it has all the advantages of modern AIO PCs, such as multi-touch input and relatively compact sizes.


“All around the world, gaming is done in various ways by various people. That's the reason why MSI Gaming All-in-One PC's are designed to fit the needs of various types of gamers. Whether you are young or old, play casual or hardcore, compute after school or in the night or use your PC for more than just gaming, the MSI Gaming All-in-One PC is your companion,” a statement by MSI reads.

MSI AG2712 (WindTop AG2712) features 27” ten-point multi-touch LED display with 1920*1080 resolution that is also covered with anti-glare substance. The system AG2712 is based on quad-core Intel Core i7 mobile microprocessor (Core i7-3630QM with 2.40GHz clock-speed and maximum turbo speed of 3.40GHz) as well as Nvidia GeForce GTX 670MX discrete graphics solution with 3GB GDDR5 memory. The system comes equipped with 4GB DDR3 memory (up to 16MB), 1TB 3.5” hard disk drive, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Blu-ray DVD drive, 3-in-1 card reader, 2MP webcam as well as 5W*2 5.1-channel speakers with THX TruStudio Pro. The system weighs 16.21 kilograms and consumes up to 180W of power.

The first all-in-one MSI PC for gamers features a number of unique technologies that transform it into fully-featured multimedia center. With MSI's Instant Display Technology, gamers can easily connect external devices such as game consoles or Blu-ray/DVD players to the AG2712; the monitor will be turned on automatically when starting up a device connected to the HDMI-in port.

The MSI AG2712 is equipped with highly-stable and high-quality military-grade parts and components with SFC [super ferrite chokes], solid state capacitors, and Hi-c Cap, which provide improved stability, power efficiency, and performance. These three key components have passed U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810G certification and provide extra protection to ensure the system's stable operation.

MSI AG2712 is set to become available later this month. Pricing will vary depending on the region, but do not expect it to be affordable.