Nvidia Is Open for New Acquisitions – Chief Executive

Nvidia Looking Forward to Absorb New Companies

by Anton Shilov
06/03/2013 | 11:54 PM

Throughout its history Nvidia Corp. has made a lot of strategic acquisitions that either opened the company doors to new businesses, or allowed to expand its presence on certain markets. Now, with over $3.5 billion on bank account, Nvidia is ready to absorb other companies, should they fit its current businesses.


Speaking at Computex Taipei trade show, Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive officer of Nvidia, told The Wall Street Journal that the Santa Clara, California-based company is interested in technologies that “fit into its businesses”, but declined to give more details. As it appears, Nvidia does not have plans to expand beyond graphics processing units for client PCs, workstations and servers as well as application processors for mobile applications.

“We will not build things that the market already has, such as smartphones, PCs and tablets,” said Mr. Huang.

Recently Nvidia introduced its own-brand Shield portable game console that is compatible with Google Android games, but can also stream titles from PCs. The potential of the device is hard to determine, although Nvidia seems to pin some hopes on the product.

Nvidia’s latest acquisition was Icera, a developer of software modems for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the takeover, Nvidia can now offer its partners fully-integrated application processors for mobile electronics with baseband and multimedia capabilities.