Microsoft May Unify Windows Phone and Windows RT, Develop New User Interface

Microsoft to Unify Operating Systems for Tablets and Smartphones, Replace Metro UI with New User Interface

by Anton Shilov
07/16/2013 | 08:41 PM

It is not a secret that both Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems have failed to capture a significant part of the market. In a bid to improve its competitive positions on the two markets, Microsoft Corp. reportedly wants to unify its operating systems for tablets and smartphones as well as to develop all-new user interface that will replace Metro UI.


Last week Microsoft finally created a single division to develop operating systems, which will design OSed for personal computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and whatever other devices may emerge. The group will be led by Terry Myerson, who previously headed development of Windows Phone 8. One of the first major projects of the new business unit will be unification of operating systems that are used for smartphone and tablets, e.g., Windows RT and Windows Phone, according to a claim made by Mobile-review web-site. Given the fact that Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 already share Windows NT core, the idea seems to be a very rational one. The only problem is that the first fruit of its execution will materialize in 2015.


Keeping in mind that the unified operating system for tablets and smartphones is at least two years away, it is also expected that Microsoft will introduce a new user interface that will replace the coldly-received Metro UI. At present, the new user interface does not even exist, so there are no ideals how that might look like.

Since complete unification is scheduled on 2015, it is logical for Microsoft to continue developing its current software. As a result, expect low-cost Windows Phone 8-based smartphones in the next twelve months, more powerful WP8-powered handsets within a year from now as well as unification of certain applications for different platforms.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.