Larry Ellison Expects Dark Days for Apple Without Steve Jobs

Founder of Oracle Foresees Dark Days for Apple Without Steve Jobs

by Anton Shilov
08/12/2013 | 11:20 PM

Without any doubts, Steve Jobs was the most prolific chief executive officer that Apple has had in its history. Two years without Mr. Jobs at the helm of Apple have passed and while the company remains very profitable and successful, it is obvious that is losing market share as well as the speed of innovation. According to Larry Ellison, chief exec and founder of Oracle, dark days are ahead of the world’s most valuable company.


“Steve Jobs was a brilliant. He was our Edison, our Picasso. He was an incredible inventor. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs, [then] we saw Apple without Steve Jobs, [then] we [again] saw Apple with Steve Jobs. Now, we are going to see Apple without Steve Jobs,” said Larry Ellison in an interview with CBS News.

It just so happened historically that Apple only faced massive success with Steve Jobs at the helm. Other chief executives could not make the company a success, in many ways because they concentrated on development of too many projects at the same time and could not deliver breakthrough products to the market.

Ironically, but in order to expand market share it is necessary to expand product families. The latter is exactly what Tim Cook, the chief executive appointed in 2011 by Mr. Jobs, has been trying to do in the past year. In addition, rumours from Cupertino, California, have it that the company may be looking forward at further expansion of product lines in the coming quarters.

Although Apple continues to be among the most profitable high-tech companies in the world, it remains to be seen how innovative it is going to become in the mid-term and the long-term, something that will define its future. While Mr. Ellison likes Tim Cook much, he claims that Steve Jobs – the man Larry Ellison calls his best friend for 25 years – is simply irreplaceable,