PC Performance Enthusiasts’ Web-Site Disqualifies Results Obtained on Windows 8 OS

Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System Has Unreliable Real-Time Clock

by Anton Shilov
08/19/2013 | 11:15 PM



As a result of significantly redesigned implementation of real-time clock into Windows 8, a lot of benchmark results obtained on personal computers running Microsoft Corp.’s latest operating system may be incorrect. Since many overclocked systems may have demonstrated incorrect performance results, Hwbot web-site has disqualified results of PCs running Windows 8 from its databases.

A real-time clock (RTC) is a computer clock (most often in the form of an integrated circuit) that keeps track of the current time. Although the term often refers to the devices in personal computers, servers and embedded systems, RTCs are present in almost any electronic device which needs to keep accurate time, according to Wikipedia. Unfortunately, not all personal computers feature hardware RTCs, thus, there are software real-time clocks implemented into operating systems. Microsoft has apparently changed how it measures time to be compatible with embedded or low cost PCs that do not have a fixed RTC clock in Windows 8.

PC performance benchmark programs use RTC as reference clock when executing the benchmark code. By synchronizing with the RTC, the benchmark knows exactly how much time has it takes to perform certain operation (or how much time passes to perform something), and takes that value into account when calculating the performance of a personal computer.

The problem discovered by Hwbot’s staff is that Windows 8 RTC is affected by the base clock of Intel Corp.’s microprocessors. As a result, in many cases benchmarks record incorrect results based on Windows RTC under Windows 8. As a result, performance numbers of overclocked systems obtained in various programs may be incorrect.

As a result, enthusiast web-site Hwbot no longer accepts results obtained on PCs based on Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.