Optical Cables Coming to Thunderbolt Interconnection Next Month

Corning Receives Intel Certification for its Thunderbolt Optical Cables

by Anton Shilov
09/11/2013 | 10:53 PM

Corning has announced at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) that its optical cables have been Thunderbolt certified by Intel Corp. Thunderbolt optical cables by Corning are the first all-optical fiber cables for the Thunderbolt community.


Corning’s Thunderbolt optical cables are designed specifically for Thunderbolt technology and allow users to easily manage the demands of today’s high-bandwidth applications. The electrically isolated, noise-reducing cables are up to 50% smaller in diameter and 80% lighter than comparable copper Thunderbolt cables. Corning’s Thunderbolt cables are based on ClearCurve VSDB optical fiber and they can maintain that speed over much longer distances than traditional copper cable. Optical Cables by Corning are thin, light, and remarkably tough; they can be bent, squeezed and tangled. Thunderbolt optical cables by Corning come in lengths from 10 to 100 meters.

Each Thunderbolt optical cable features two special engine that convert electrical data into optical beams and transfers to the receiver and vise-versa. Given that the cables are “active”, do not expect optical Thunderbolt cables to be affordable.

“Based on Intel’s Thunderbolt protocol, Corning is providing a fast, innovative cabling solution designed for data-intensive connectivity. Thunderbolt Optical Cables by Corning empower users to quickly access and move data between devices at distances copper cables cannot,” said Bernhard Deutsch, vice president of product line management at optical connectivity solutions group of Corning Telecommunications.  

Thunderbolt optical cables by Corning will be available in the coming months through distributors, select resellers, and online.