Intel Demonstrates System with Haswell-E Microprocessor, DDR4 Memory

Intel Shows Off Next-Generation High-End Desktop Platform

by Anton Shilov
09/16/2013 | 11:30 PM

Intel Corp. last week showcased the world’s first demo system running code-named Haswell-E microprocessor as well as DDR4 memory modules. Unfortunately, no details were given regarding clock-speeds of the central processing units and memory. Besides, nothing particular is known about the test system in general.


The demo PC demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum 2013 is marked as “Intel DDR4 reference test platform”. Since the only DDR4-supporting chip due next year designed for single-socket configuration is code-named Haswell-E, then the system is likely to be powered by code-named Wellsburg chipset better known as Intel X99.

The Haswell-E processor will continue to feature quad-channel memory controller, which is logical considering necessity to provide enough memory bandwidth for eight-core central processing unit.

The system featuring next-generation CPU, next-generation platform and future memory type showcased at IDF 2013 was running fine, therefore its actual announcement is only a question of time.

Intel plans to release its next-generation high-end desktop platform featuring Haswell-E microprocessor, Wellsburg (X99) core-logic and DDR4 memory sometimes in Q3/Q4 2014, according to unofficial information.