Microsoft Investors Want Turnaround Expert at the Helm of the Company – Report

Ford Chief Exec May Become Next Head of Microsoft

by Anton Shilov
09/17/2013 | 11:20 PM

At least three of top 20 investors in Microsoft Corp. want to see a turnaround chief executive officer at the helm of the company after Steve Ballmer leaves the company. At present the two top candidates are Ford Motor chief exec Alan Mulally and Computer Sciences Corp. head Mike Lawrie. Neither of the two have agreed to join Microsoft.


Microsoft Corp.’s special committee that searches for the next chief executive officer for the software giant originally had a list of about 40 people, including internal and external candidates, according to a report from Reuters news-agency. The list has been gradually narrowing and currently it is evident that investors of the company want someone like Louis Gerstner, a turnaround candidate suggested by analyst Jon Peddie last month.

At present, the committee is considering Alan Mulally and Mike Lawrie, according to the news-agency. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether Microsoft has contacted the candidates and what they think about the proposal.

"There is no change from what we announced in November: Alan Mulally plans to continue to serve as Ford's president and CEO through at least 2014," said Jay Cooney, a Ford spokesman.

While the world’s largest software maker remains a very profitable company, it has been losing market share to Apple and Google in the recent years. In addition, Microsoft revenues are endangered by slow PC sales. It is believed that the new chief exec will have to concentrate on key market opportunities and cease investments into unprofitable things.

Microsoft, Alan Mulally and Mike Lawrie did not comment on the news-story.