Microsoft Windows 8.1 "Blue" Now Available Globally

Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 Availability

by Anton Shilov
10/17/2013 | 11:35 PM

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced the global availability of Windows 8.1, a feature-rich update to its Windows 8 operating system. The update is designed to improve user experience, provide new features as well as boost performance on new hardware.


Windows 8.1 evolves the Windows vision for highly personalized computing while showcasing Microsoft’s continued commitment to rapid and responsive development. It marks a wave of new, innovative devices coming for consumers and businesses — from the convenience and mobility of tablets and 2-in-1s to the productive experience expected from laptops, all-in-ones and specialized industry devices. Many of these new devices are touch-enabled and will deliver advancements in processing power, battery life and design, across a range of price points.

Beginning October 17, consumers with a Windows 8 device in more than 230 markets and 37 languages can download the free update via the online Windows Store. Windows 8.1 will also be available on new devices and as boxed software starting October 18 at retail locations around the world.

Windows 8.1 offers a host of increased customization refinements and functional improvements, including the following: