List of Potential Microsoft Chief Execs Shrinks to Five Candidates

Microsoft’s BOD Will Choose Next CEO from Five Different Candidates

by Anton Shilov
11/06/2013 | 11:20 PM

The list of potential chief executive officers of Microsoft Corp. has shrunk to five candidates: four known executives from inside and outside of Microsoft as well as one unnamed person. The initial list consisted of as many as forty names, but it looks like the company was fast enough to figure out the people who are most likely to get the job.


In August, the current head of Microsoft – Steve Ballmer – said he would retire in the following twelve months. Since then, the company formed a special committee, which has been interviewing different candidates from various industries, including life sciences and consumer. According to Reuters news-agency, at present the list consists of five candidates, but the final decision could take several months to make.

The list looks as follows:

Microsoft’s next chief executive needs to finalize ongoing transitions, e.g., focus on creating a family of devices, services and programs for individuals and businesses. Jon Peddie, the head of Jon Peddie Research, believes that Microsoft does not necessarily require a new visionary – like Bill Gates – on the role of chief executive officer, but rather needs a business executive who will recognize potentially profitable products and technologies at the early stages of development and will not hold the company back.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.