Steve Wozniak Wants Apple and Google to Become Partners

Apple Co-Founder Wants Closer Ties Between Apple and Google

by Anton Shilov
11/11/2013 | 11:25 PM



Exclusive technologies are the best way to maintain loyalty of customers and keeping technologies proprietary is something technology companies tend to do these days, even if this may hurt certain customers. The competition between Apple and Google nowadays is so intense that it is almost impossible for either to give up any of their advantages. Nonetheless, Steve Wozniak wishes exactly that: the two companies to be partners.

“Sometimes I say 'Go to Joe's Diner' and [Siri] does not know where Joe's Diner is. And very often usually I find out that Android does. That is actually the future of intelligence probably for computers getting smarter and getting artificial intelligence. I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future,” said Steve Wozniak in an interview with BBC.

Back in early days of Apple iOS, Google offered a number of programs, such as a YouTube client or Google Maps, whereas Apple installed those programs onto iPhone by default. As Google’s Android gained popularity, the collaborations between the two companies ended, whereas legal disputes came in. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine that the two companies could team up on almost any project. Even Mr. Wozniak admits that such a partnership is extremely unlikely, but continues to dream.

“I do not know. If I were there, it would be pretty likely. I am probably wrong, there is probably an awful lot I do not know about the business concerns and one thing you have got to remember is a company has always got to make money. I believe you should have a world where you have got to license something at a fair price. There are good things I see on Samsung phones that I wish were in my iPhone. I wish Apple would use them and could use them, and I don't know if Samsung would stop us. I wish everybody just did a lot of cross-licensing and sharing the good technology, all our products would be better, we'd go further. I do wish they were more compatible,” said the co-founder of Apple.

Despite of the fact that Steven Wozniak was very instrumental to establish Apple back in the seventies and eighties, he is not considered as an Apple insider these days; moreover, his comments regarding Apple are not influential in any shape or form. Nonetheless, he is still beloved by many of Apple fans.