Gigaphoton to Supply Laser for Experimental 450mm Manufacturing Equipment

G450C to Get ArF Immersion Lithography Scanners in 2014

by Anton Shilov
02/19/2014 | 11:51 PM

Gigaphoton, a major lithography light source manufacturer, has announced that the company’s flagship high-power ArF immersion laser (GT64A) will be used by the Global 450 Consortium (G450C) as the light source for its first 450mm ArF Immersion lithography scanners. The laser will be used for both off-site and on-site development and testing, as well as technology demonstrations at CNSE’s G450C facility. Delivery of the laser is expected in April 2015, actual scanner may be created already this year.


The GT64A, with its extremely high laser efficiency levels, can achieve a power output of up to 120W for multi-patterning in 450mm wafer production applications. The light energy output can be automatically adjusted to optimum levels based on each customer’s process. The GT64A incorporates a highly stable energy, spectral bandwidth, wavelength, and beam profile, combined with greatly improved overlay accuracy, critical dimension control, and minimization of line-edge roughness – all of which are extremely important for multi-patterning lithography. Furthermore, the GT64A’s product concept relies heavily on eco-friendliness, minimizing the consumption and cost of electricity, gas, and cooling (facilities) resources.

The world's first 450mm wafer processed by Intel using experimental equipment from ASML

“We are very excited by this opportunity to be a part of the critical and ground-breaking work led by G450C. This represents yet another important achievement in Gigaphoton’s long-standing commitment to offering the products, services, and technical solutions necessary to sustain a healthy, high-volume manufacturing environment and roadmap. We are committed to continuing to invest in the research and development of advanced lithography technologies, including technologies for minimizing environmental impact through our EcoPhoton program,” said Hitoshi Tomaru, president and CEO of Gigaphoton.

G450C is a public-private partnership announced by New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo in September 2011 to facilitate the 450mm wafer size transition. The organization is headquartered at SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in Albany, New York. The G450C is spearheaded by CNSE in partnership with Intel, IBM, GlobalFoundries, Samsung and TSMC. The new 450mm cleanroom is located at CNSE’s Albany NanoTech complex within the NanoFab Xtension (NFX) expansion.

“Under the leadership and vision of Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York is firmly established as the hub for the critical industry evolution to 450mm wafer technology. We look forward to working closely with Gigaphoton, and to utilizing its technology and capabilities to help enable the important transition to 450mm technology,” said Paul Farrar, CNSE vice president for manufacturing innovation and general manager of G450C.