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January, 2013
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HGST Reveals World’s Highest Capacity 10K Hard Disk Drive. WEstern Digital  WD  HGST  Ultrastar  10K  10000rpm  HDD
[5:45 am]

Western Digital’s Division Presents New Ultrastar 10K High-Capacity HDDs


Monday, January 28, 2013

STEC Introduces 2TB Solid-State Drives, New Version of Caching Software. STEC  SSD  PCIe  SAS  NAND  Flash
[1:51 pm]

STEC Debuts 2TB SSDs with SAS, PCIe Interfaces, New EnhanceIO Version Improves Latency, Data Integrity

Seagate and Virident Team Up for Enterprise-Class PCI Express SSDs. Virident  Seagate  SSD  NAND  Flash  PCIe  PCI Express
[8:15 am]

Companies to Jointly Develop Next-Generation NAND Flash-based PCIe Solutions

Intel Unveils mSATA Solid-State Drives for Ultrabooks, Low-Power Applications. Intel  SSD  SAndForce  LSI  NAND  Flash  mSATA
[3:32 am]

Intel Reveals Extreme-Performance mSATA SSDs for Ultrabooks


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Average Selling Prices of Hard Disk Drives Gradually Returning to Historical Levels. Seagate  WD  Western Digital  HDD  Business
[5:38 am]

Overpriced Hard Disk Drives Seem to Be Things of the Past


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SanDisk’s Solid-State Drive Shipments Triple Year-over-Year. SanDisk  SSD  NAND  Flash  Business
[1:58 pm]

SanDisk’s SSD Business Grows at Rapid Pace

Mass Availability of WD’s Solid-State Hybrid Drive Slips to 2014. WD  Western Digital  HDD  HHD  SSHD  Acer  Asus
[1:56 pm]

PC Makers Set to Adopt Western Digital’s SSHDs Only in 2014

Solid-State Drive Market to Double in 2013 – Report. SSD  NAND  Flash  Business  OCZ  Samsung  Corsair  Plextor  Micron  Crucial  Toshiba  SanDisk
[1:54 pm]

Ultrabooks and Declining Prices to Drive Demand to SSDs

WD’s Revenue Down as Hard Drives Unit Sales Drop. Western Digital  WD  HDD  Business
[1:53 pm]

Western Digital’s Q2 Revenue Dows to $3.8 Billion, HDD Shipments Drop to 59.2 Million


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Micron Reveals New P400m Solid-State Drive for Data Center Servers. Micron  SSD  NAND  Flash  25nm  Marvell  MLC  MLC-HET
[12:27 pm]

Micron Debuts Specially-Designed P400m SSDs for Data Centers


Monday, January 21, 2013

Toshiba Ships 26 Millionth Hard Drive for Automotive Industry. Toshiba  HDD
[1:59 pm]

Toshiba Ships 26 Million Automotive-Grade HDDs in Thirteen Years


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fusion-io Debuts 3.2TB Ultra High-End Solid-State Drives for Hyperscale and Cloud Businesses. Fusion-io  SSD  PCI Express  NAND  Flash
[1:10 pm]

Fusion-io Announces PCI Express SSDs for High-Volume Customers


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Foremay Debuts World’s First 2TB Solid-State Drives in 2.5” Form-Factor. Foremay  SSD  NAND  Flash
[1:57 pm]

Foremay Announces 2TB SSD for Mission-Critical Applications


Monday, January 14, 2013

Toshiba Expects Half of Mobile HDDs to Become Hybrid in Two Years. Toshiba  HDD  SSD  NAND  Flash  HHD
[3:16 am]

Toshiba Foresees Bright Future for Hybrid Hard Drives


Friday, January 11, 2013

New Micron and Crucial M500 SSDs Offer 960GB Capacity for Under $600. Micron  Crucial  SSD  20nm  NAND  Flash
[3:15 am]

Micron and Crucial Introduced New M500 SSDs with 20nm NAND Flash Inside


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kingston Preps to Ship 512GB, 1TB DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB Flash Drives. Kingston  DataTraveler  HyperX  NAND  USB  Flash
[6:02 am]

Kingston Shows Off Industry’s Largest 1TB USB Flash Drive

Mushkin Rolls-Out Thunder USB Flash Drive with SandForce Controller. Mushkin  NAND  Flash  SSD  SandForce  USB
[3:24 am]

Mushkin Introduces USB Flash Stick with 380MB/s Read/Write Speeds


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seagate: Shipments of Hard Drives Flat Quarter-over-Quarter. Seagate  HDD  Business
[1:20 pm]

Seagate’s Revenue Down amid Flat HDD Shipments


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mushkin Debuts Extreme-Capacity Solid-State Drive for High-End Client PCs. Mushkin  Chronos  SSD  SandForce  LSI  NAND  Flash
[11:35 pm]

Mushkin Announces Chronos 960GB SSDs for Desktops, Laptops and Workstations

Ultra Long-Lasting Blu-Ray Optical Discs to Become Available This Spring. Millenniata  DVD  M-Disc  Blu-ray
[2:15 pm]

Millenniata Announces Blu-Ray Optical Disc Available in Spring 2013

Code-Names of AMD’s Southern Islands and Solar System GPU Families Revealed. AMD  ATI  Radeon  Southern Islands  Solar System  Oland  Bonaire  Hainan  Curacao  Aruba  Mars  Sun  Neptune  Venus  28nm
[5:37 am]

AMD Readies Five Desktop GPUs and Four Laptop GPUs

Corsair Debuts USB 3.0 Flash Drives with SSD Performance. Corsair  Voyager  Voyaget GT  NAND  Flash  USB
[4:40 am]

Corsair Voyager GT Turbo Provides Up to 260MB/s Read Speed


Monday, January 7, 2013

Asus Readies Ultra High-End PCI Express Solid-State Drive. ASUS  ROG  SSD  RAIDR Express  mSATA  NGFF  NAND  Flash
[3:03 pm]

Asus Preps ROG RAID R Express SSD

Seagate Showcases Solid-State Hybrid Drives for Desktops and Laptops. Seagate  SSD  HDD  SSHD  NAND  Flash
[12:37 pm]

Seagate Exhibits 5mm HDD, Solid-State Hybrid Drives at CES 2013


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Western Digital’s HGST Subsidiary Rolls-Out World’s First 1TB Mobile Hard Drive with 7200rpm Spindle Speed. Western Digital  WD  HDD  HGST  Hitachi GST
[11:12 pm]

HGST Introduces Travelstar Hard Drive with 1TB Capacity, 7200rpm Spindle Speed

OCZ Technology Demos Vector-Series Solid-State Drive with PCI Express Interface. OCZ  SSD  Vector  Indilinx  Barefoot  NAND  Flash
[10:27 pm]

OCZ Shows Off Vector SSDs with PCI Express Interface at CES 2013


Thursday, January 3, 2013

PCI Express-Based Serial ATA Specification Close to Ratification. Serial ATA  SATA  PCIe  PCI Express  SSD  HDD
[11:16 am]

Serial ATA Express Specification from SATA-IO in Ratification

Helium-Filled Hard Drives Could Lift Western Digital in Enterprise Market. HDD  WD  Western Digital  HGST  Seagate  Toshiba  Business
[9:34 am]

100 Million Helium-Filled HDDs to Be Shipped in 2016

Marvell Unveils World’s First Caching SSD with Non-Volatile RAM. Marvell  NVRAM  SSD  PCIe  DragonFly
[8:55 am]

Marvell Introduces DragonFly Nvdrive Caching PCIe Solution