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Patriot Memory, a leading supplier of various memory and flash components, this week announced extension of warranty on its high-end Torqx solid-state drives to ten years. At present, this is the longest warranty on consumer-oriented SSDs. In addition, Patriot also doubled dynamic random access memory (DRAM) cache on its new Torqx M28 solid-state drives.

“This is a great value add for consumers. Consumers can have confidence and reliability in their purchases of Patriot products,” says Laura Hoorn, Patriot's director of sales.

Previously, Patriot offered two years limited warranty on its high-end Torqx drives, which is standard for many other SSD suppliers. With ten years warranty Patriot becomes rather unique vendor, however, by extending warranty Patriot adds risks to itself since multi-level cell (MLC) flash SSDs cannot boast with prolonged reliability. As a consequence, under intensive usage, far not all MLC-based SSDs will survive a decade.

The Torqx M28 SSDs, which are available in 128GB and 256GB capacities, feature 128MB of DRAM cache, up two times compared to the original Torqx devices released back in May. The larger DRAM cache allows faster transfer rates between the controller and the host device.

“Competitor non-cache drives suffered from what consumers described as 'stuttering affect' which inhibited the drive performance. Torqx series addresses this issue with a DRAM cache that acts as a buffer for data transfer bottlenecks and increases the random and sequential read and write transfer rates,” said Meng J Choo, Patriot's flash product manager.

Patriot has not revealed a lot of technical details concerning its Torqx M28 SSDs. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that they are pretty similar to the original Torqx drives that are based on Samsung’s MLC flash. Patriot Torqx 128GB and 256GB solid-state drives feature up to 260MB/s read, and 180MB/s write speeds, whereas the 64GB version can boast with 220MB/s read and 135MB/s write speed. According to the manufacturer, the Torqx drives do not use internal RAID to boost performance of the units.

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I bought a patriot 128 Gigabyte Torqx last month and I need warranty repair already.
Can anybody tell me who I see to repair this hugely expensive boondoggle?
What went wrong?
I was running and then this POS dumped my entire Win 7 OS!
Do I call The fremont facility?
ITS wonderful to have a warranty If you can access it!
I feel screwed!
I paid 400+ dollars and am inclined to shout fraud!
0 0 [Posted by: Charly  | Date: 01/22/10 06:09:32 PM]


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