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Every device have to use the appropriate components that ensure premium quality at the right cost, claims OCZ Technology Group, a leading supplier of premium DRAM- and flash-based memory products.

The demand towards solid-state drives (SSDs) is increasing and consumers tend to demand higher quality, reliability and performance when they make purchases. One of the important criteria when choosing an SSD is what controller is used inside, which features it supports and whether it can ensures speedy performance. Although few enthusiasts have tried out SSDs in general, a lot of them demand premium controllers. However, wise implementation of controllers and NAND flash memory chips in accordance with specifics of every application will ensure both performance and reliability at the right price, according to OCZ Technology.

“Like we did on the memory side we will use the best controller for the application in order to deliver a wide range of options that meet different user applications,” said Alex Mei, vice president of marketing at OCZ.

A number of companies developing controllers for solid-state drives or even SSDs themselves recently surfaced after the solid-state storage market started to emerge. The most vocal companies – which are also supported by giant companies like IBM – are Fusion-io and SandForce. The former only creates own-brand SSDs with the help of Samsung Electronics, whereas the latter plans to become a big player on the market of controllers for solid-state drives thanks to its advanced technologies.

“We love the SandForce controllers and it is obvious we work closely with them as we were the first to deliver any SSDs in volume based on SandForce silicon, and you can expect to see new products outside of the 2.5” form factor that make use of SandForce solutions as well. SandForce is also a key partner on a number of our enterprise drive offerings,” said Mr. Mei.

However, not everyone needs those advanced controllers inside their PCs.

“We are maintaining our existing Vertex line which makes use of Indilinx controllers and also just recently introduced the Onyx SSD which is a mainstream SSD that delivers a good balance of performance and value, this drive also makes use of an Indilinx controller and a number of our existing Z-Drive PCIe solutions also are designed with Indilinx,” stressed the vice-president of OCZ.

The market of SSDs is still in its early stage of development, the prices are still quite high and far not all enthusiasts prefer solid-state storage because of that matter, in spite of high performance. Nonetheless, OCZ’s SSD lineup is already more than broad. The company admits that it is rather confusing for consumers to pick up the right SSD for them, but given the fact that technology-savvy enthusiasts acquire the vast majority of consumer-oriented solid-state drives, it makes sense to give them a choice.

“We have a plethora of drives and at times it can be confusing to customers but our goal is to deliver solutions that really allow customers to truly match their unique individual requirements and sometimes that means more options for customers to select from,” said Mr. Mei.

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