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HighPoint, a maker of add-on storage controllers, unveiled on Thursday a new controller that can merge the advantages of a solid-state drive (SSDs) with benefits of hard disk drives (HDDs). The card is based on a recently announced HyperDuo technology by Marvell and is the first of its kind.

Marvell's 88SE9130 chip - which powers High Point's RocketHybrid storage controllers - uses intelligent algorithms to automatically pin hot data files and directories to a Serial ATA SSD while enabling all data to be safely stored on a larger capacity Serial ATA HDD. As a result, end-users can plug an SSD and an HDD to the card in order to obtain better performance while retaining maximum storage space and ease-of-use. HighPoint names such storage solution as a HyperDuo Virtual Drive. HyperDuo Virtual Drives are capable of delivering up to 80% of the SSD’s performance boost, with 100% of the HDD’s capacity, according to the Marvell and HighPoint.

“HighPoint has developed a comprehensive series of SAS and SATA 6Gb/s storage solutions with Marvell storage IC’s. The new RocketHybrid Series HBA’s powered by the Marvell SMART HyperDuo technology is another milestone in HighPoint’s long history of providing high performing and low cost storage solutions for mass-market adoption” said Dr. Michel Whang, president and chief executive officer of HighPoint Technologies.

HighPoint will initially offer RocketHybrid 1220 and 1222 Serial ATA-600 controllers for PCIe 2.0 bus. The RocketHybrid 1220 provides two internal SATA ports; RocketHybrid 1222 provides two eSATA ports for use with external disk enclosures.

The 88SE9130 features two operation modes Safe Mode and Capacity Mode. Safe Mode provides optimal data protection by mirroring data on SSD to the hard disk for maximum resiliency, while Capacity Mode combines SSD and HDD capacity together for the most cost-effective configuration.  In both modes, consumers see the same single drive volume (Local Disk C) as they do today for maximum simplicity and zero change to their daily computing habits.

HighPoint’s RocketHybrid HBA’s are set to be available from a world-wide network of distributors, retailers and solution providers in February. Pricing is unknown.

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Sounds about as useful as an ISA socket on a sandy bridge motherboard

If you want a HD plug a HD in, if you want a SSD plug one of those in as well, why have a card limit the two to one drive letter?

It`s like a RAID setup with a slow and fast drive....
0 0 [Posted by: efex  | Date: 02/04/11 01:05:14 AM]
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It's actually the only practical solution to use SSD. SSD themselves have shortened lifetimes and unreliable data recovery when it faults. Then there's also the size hindrance.

By pairing an SSD with an HDD, you get all of the performance gains without worrying about any of the downfalls.

If they design it so the SSD can be replaced over time easily, even better. Such that once there are enough bad blocks from the flash degrading or SSD cards come down in price, you can upgrade to get more speed across more of your data and keep going.
0 0 [Posted by: MatthiasF  | Date: 02/05/11 03:14:59 PM]

The assertion that what this controller does is unique or that it's the "first of its kind" seems rather dubious. MaxIQ has been out for a year now:

The same thing has also previously been implemented at the filesystem level, which is arguably where it belongs (since the filesystem knows the contents of individual writes and can therefore intelligently choose between SLC and MLC caches etc):

Onoe other cautionary note: Areca initially stated that they were going to use the Marvell controller in question for the 1880 series, but ended up going with an LSI RoC. One can't help but wonder what issues could have been bad enough to drive them into the arms of a direct competitor...
0 0 [Posted by: patrickjchase  | Date: 02/04/11 11:03:21 AM]


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