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Western Digital Corp., the world’s largest maker of hard disk drives, has updated its Black family of high-end consumer hard drives. The new series boasts a number of advantages over the predecessors, including higher performance, better accuracy, greater efficiency and stronger reliability.

“Our all new next-generation WD Black drives deliver improved performance that heightens the experience of your PC playground. These performance drives offer enhanced features over the previous generation to maximize system performance, allowing you to have more fun creating while spending less time waiting,” a statement by WD reads.

WD’s new-generation Black – WD***3FZEX – hard drives with 7200rpm spindle speed and 64MB cache are available in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB capacities. In addition, WD offers 500GB WD Black WD5003AZEX model, which is a cut-down version most likely aimed at OEMs. The drives feature Serial ATA-6Gb/s interface and 2.5” form-factor.

Western Digital’s new WD Black FZEX family of HDDs feature all new dual-core application processor that brings in WD’s Dynamic Cache Technology, which increases performance by improving caching algorithms in real time and optimizing the cache allocation between reads and writes. This results in the drive automatically allocating more cache for read data, which reduces data congestion and increases overall performance. According to WD’s internal tests, the new 1TB drives are 26% faster than the predecessors (WD Black FAEX family) and the 4TB model increases performance by dramatic 48% in certain benchmarks.

WD Black FZEX family also features a so-called High Resolution Controller (HRC) with an improved architectural design and amount of registers, resulting in increased data precision across the hard drive, which translates to superior responsiveness.

The new generation of WD Black hard drives feature Vibration Control Technology (VCT) which allows the disks inside the drive to adapt to any mounting problems or vibration conditions that are inside a PC, resulting in increased data accuracy, performance and  reliability over time. In addition to Vibration Control Technology (VCT), WD Black 2TB and 4TB drives are also equipped with StableTrac, which secures the motor shaft inside the drive at both ends to help reduce additional system induced vibrations. StableTrac confidently stabilizes the platters inside, resulting in more accurate tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations and delivers increased performance.

Finally, the latest WD Black FZEX family of hard drives sport Corruption Protection Technology (CPT), which helps to protect and limit the potential problem of data loss during power failure or power loss to the hard drive.

The new Western Digital Black WD****FZEX series of hard drives is about to ship to retailers and should be available shortly. WD will continue to supply its previous-gen Black WD****FAEX drives to the market for a while. The new WD Black are covered by 5 years warranty.

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I think everybody start to use now the SSDs as their main boot drive and HDD only for the storage of music, pictures, movies, software and other things. So this speed increase is not such an interesting news anymore...
3 2 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 10/11/13 09:49:33 PM]
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1 6 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 10/11/13 10:31:33 PM]
Don´t be too sure. The size vs price advantage is still massive. HDDs also have much greater potential lifetime at best.
Also, as my friend noticed, SSDs have their own set of funky problems(he got game crashes because of not having enough free space on his SSD boot drive. Despite having over 10GB free!

So, i have a feeling that my next system could very well end up with a small SSD as bootdrive, a 2TB model of these as the drive for games and other stuff that still needs performance, and then another 2TB WD Red as datadrive.
Or i might still skip the SSD completely because it´s too expensive no matter how nice it might be to have.
0 0 [Posted by: DIREWOLF75  | Date: 10/15/13 07:43:29 PM]

I would'nt declare magnetic storage as depriciated or on the verge of extinction. my hard disk achieves 200 Mb / s constant. practically the average ssd isn't that much faster and definitely not more reliable. plus ssds have low storage densities, and the next gen storage to hit market is again magnetic. you would think that solid state would win in the long run but complexity of magnetic storage is such that it will always have the storage advantage
2 0 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 10/13/13 04:22:19 PM]

A 5 year warranty doesn't mean anything to me, if they are confident with their drive's reliability then give me a warranty where they will recover any data lost on on a failed drive!
0 0 [Posted by: loadwick  | Date: 10/14/13 10:55:12 AM]

Does it have the piezeoelectric wrist like the 2TB last generation Caviar Black?

Average acces times of 11.8ms like the older Caviar black? How is the real world performance improved over the last generation besides high sustained transfer rates? It does mention better performance/reliability in vibration environments, a dual core processor was in the previous Caviar Black as well.

So higher STR, does that mean 1TB platter now instead of 800GB?

SSDs are reliable, for instance an old Intel X25-m G2 SSD is super super duper reliable. It can handle 100s of TBs of writes easily and decently fast.
0 0 [Posted by: Daniel Watkins  | Date: 10/16/13 02:53:51 AM]


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