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Micron Technology on Friday announced that the company had chosen Brian Angell to be vice president of advanced controller development. He will be responsible for leading Micron's controller development in support of Micron's enterprise, mobile and embedded businesses.

Brian Angell brings to Micron nearly 30 years of technology experience in various senior engineering roles across several leading companies. He most recently served as vice president of engineering for Nvidia's mobile business unit – one of multiple roles he held at Nvidia since joining the company in 2002.

"As Micron continues our evolution to more systems-level solutions, we continue to invest in the area of systems enablement that includes a focus in areas such as controller, firmware and software development. We could not be more excited to have someone of Brian's caliber leading Micron's advanced controller development efforts," said Mark Adams, president of Micron.

Brian Angell's professional background includes serving as director of engineering at Vivace Networks from 2000 to 2002, chief technology officer of Raydiant from 1998 to 1999 and director of consumer products at 3dfx Interactive from 1996 to 1998. He also held engineering roles at Sun Microsystems and Sentry Schlumberger.

Mr. Angell earned a bachelor of science in Electronics Engineering Technology from Devry Institute of Technology in 1984.

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Ahoy captain Huang. The rats are abandoning ship.
2 3 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 10/26/13 06:24:29 AM]
- collapse thread

Why so nVidia hater?? we consumers should be neutral, and buy what ever the best for the given money...
3 1 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 10/26/13 03:21:15 PM]
Because their attitude. What goes around comes around.

Dirty tricks, foul play can only lead to this...
3 2 [Posted by: zlobster  | Date: 10/26/13 04:07:25 PM]
Can you tell me what kind of dirty trick and foul play that you mention?
1 1 [Posted by: Sagia86  | Date: 10/26/13 05:13:01 PM]

Pretty much that kind of stuff. Google is your friend. You can always add the closed way they are tying to drag the industry, under-the-table deals. You name it. And yes, I haven't caught them red handed, but it is really not that hard to see what it is going on.

I can always go on and on but it is boring. This time I'll just enjoy the show.
2 0 [Posted by: zlobster  | Date: 10/26/13 11:16:27 PM]
So, I guess you are one of the guys that think Radeon 6770(-) and the "latest" Radeon R6 R7 R8 is a new architecture. Also, didn't Kepler really beat the GCN architecture? Ignore the hawai, it the new architecture and i think they beat kepler (which is 19 month older) I'm also think you didn't read or ignore the last statement at the techcrunch which is "More weight to our continuing endorsement of AMD’s graphics cards at this time, then! The latest Radeons are speedy, feature-rich, and cheaper than GeForces. Plus, you’re helping AMD get its wind back. Consider it an act of charity and defiance." Clearly the writer are also AMD fanboy.

Talk about trick, so how about this then

Conclusion, every business will cheats, either it AMD, Nvidia, Intel, etc to sell their product. Well maybe you never cheat/trick someones before
0 1 [Posted by: Sagia86  | Date: 10/27/13 03:53:23 AM]
@tks - so niave of you to lable a situation as "hate". There is wider political issues at play. Zlobster mentions just one.
1 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 10/26/13 04:25:47 PM]
Don't see what this managerial cra-p has to do anything with hardware news. Whooow hey the same kind of news are here ever since web doesnt ned paper so you can put anything on your bulletin and call it a news.

So what? News. Dont think so. Maybe if you put more detiled seven figure per month number and what has miron exactly did in last thre years this you could call a news. It simply crapp-y bullet-in-ass.
0 1 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 10/27/13 05:35:11 PM]

I still have a 3DFX Voodoo 2 graphics card lying around.

Forked out the extra $100 (or something) to get the 12MB RAM version over the lowly 8MB variant =P
2 0 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 10/27/13 04:07:19 AM]

Anyway, with the new AMD Radeon R9-290X announced at $550 with Titan like performance, I just can't wait to see what will be Nvidia's next move.

Linux, sorry I ever felt doubts on your judgement!
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 10/28/13 12:59:33 PM]


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