Fujitsu Intros First Ever 2.5" Serial ATA HDD

Serial ATA-150 Goes Totally Mobile

by Anton Shilov
01/05/2004 | 02:32 PM

Fujitsu Computer Products of America announced today a new HDD to serve mobile and enterprise-storage applications. The Fujitsu MHT-BH is the world's first 2.5” 9.5mm mobile hard disk drive with Serial ATA-150 interconnection featuring Native Command Queuing – a feature not available on the majority of Serial ATA-150 HDDs shipping today.


In unveiling the MHT-BH, Fujitsu becomes the world’s first hard disk drive maker to deliver the power of the integrated Serial ATA-150 SOC in a 2.5” form factor. The Fujitsu MHT-BH was developed with the support of Marvell Semiconductor, a long-standing Fujitsu partner, whose Marvell 88i6535 System-on-Chip eliminates the need for a bridge chip providing the benefits of a Serial ATA-150 interface and a price-point that rivals traditional Parallel ATA products.

The new Fujitsu hard disk drive features Native Command Queuing (NCQ), an important feature that intelligently and simultaneously coordinates up to 32 instructions to be queued and reordered by the hard disk controller, contributing to a significant improvement in overall hard disk drive performance. Besides, the hardware sports Staggered Spin Up and Hot Plug features.

Fujitsu MHT-BH HDDs based on platters with 69GB per square inch density will be available for qualification purposes this April in 40GB, 60GB and 80GB versions. The track-to-track seek time of the 5400rpm parts is claimed to be 1.5ms. The maximum safe operating shock is declared to be at 225G.

Commercial pricing and availability were not declared at press time.