ASUS Readies Quiet Optical Drives

Announces New QuieTrack Product Line

by Anton Shilov
01/08/2004 | 02:53 PM

ASUSTeK Computer, a company better known for its mainboard, graphics cards and notebook products, introduced today its new optical drives. The firm claims that is latest CD-ROM and CD-RW devices are the quietest in the world, as they incorporate specially designed technologies to reduce operating noise.


One of the issues with modern high-speed optical drives, such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, CD-RWs and DVD-RWs, is quite high noise level whenever the device attempts to read a disc. Given that more and more people seek for comfort even more than for pure performance, it makes a great sense for hardware makers to build hardware more advanced from visual, ergonomic and acoustic points of view.

Today ASUS unveiled first two SKUs from its promising QuieTrack product line: CD-S520/A4 52x CD-ROM and CRW-5232AS CD-RW. ASUS says their operating noise is 39dB while competing products remain at approximately 50dB.

To fight annoying noises, ASUS implemented special technologies into its existing QuieTrack products:

The new QuieTrack CD-S520/A4 52x CD-ROM and QuieTrack CRW-5232AS CD-RW are shipping now. Pricing may vary depending on the region.