Seagate Aims Towards 500GB Hard Disk Drive

Storage Giant Unveils Roadmap

by Anton Shilov
06/15/2004 | 04:00 AM

Seagate Technology, one of the leading makers of hard disk drives, revealed this week its roadmap for the second half of the year, indicating intentions to bring broad line of enterprise HDDs as well as target consumer devices with small hard disks.


The new disc drives include the world’s first 1” 5GB hard drive, solutions in 2.5” and 3.5” form-factors, Serial ATA, Serial Attached SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces, with speeds of up to 15000rpm and storage capacities of up to 500GB

ST1 Series

Seagate’s ST1 Series is the industry’s first 1-inch hard drive to offer 2.5GB and 5GB capacities. ST1 Series drives are ideal for handheld music players, digital still cameras, PDAs and hand-held video players. Seagate listened to the music player market and has reinvented the 1” hard drive to compete with or beat flash memory in performance, reliability, battery life and cost. Its unique rugged design will change the reputation of 1” hard drives, helping music players withstand the abuse that mobile devices take.

DB35 Series

The Seagate DB35 Series is a 3.5” hard drive for Consumer Electronics, including digital video recorders (DVRs) and home media server applications. The DB35 Series disc drive delivers unique features for CE market requirements, with the industry’s leading video-streaming tools, including time-limited commands, streaming command set, and consistent command completion to maximize the number of streams delivered by a DVR application. DB35 drives deliver the highest available capacity - up to 400GB.

Barracuda 7200.8

The Barracuda 7200.8 extends one of the world’s most popular PC hard drive family. With the industry’s first Native SATA interface with NCQ and support for the latest PC technology, including Intel Hyper-Threading, Barracuda 7200.8 drives enable fast data-transfer rates for hot-rod PC gaming systems and mainstream PCs, entry-level SATA servers, and PC-based home media servers. Barracuda 7200.8 offers capacities up to 400GB and years of reliable service.

NL35 Series

Seagate NL35 Series disc drives provide a new solution for enterprise customers by offering a lower-cost, high-capacity disc drive with a Fibre Channel interface. The NL35 drive is ideally suited for existing or new Fibre Channel-based infrastructures in data-backup applications, near-line storage or for bulk storage of non-mission critical data. The NL35 Series is the industry's first hard drive offered in capacities up to 500GB to handle a range of bulk storage needs.

Momentus 5400.2 and 7200.1

The newest generation of Seagate's popular notebook hard drive family, the new Momentus 5400.2 disc drive increases capacities by offering up to two discs and industry-leading areal densities of 50GB per disc, for total capacities up to 100GB. Seagate's new Momentus 7200.1 will be the company's first notebook hard drive with a 7,200-rpm spin speed, featuring Seagate SoftSonic fluid dynamic bearing motors. Momentus disc drives redefine mobility with low battery consumption and high resistance to 800Gs of non-operating shock.

Cheetah 15K.4

The Cheetah 15K.4 is Seagate’s fourth-generation 15K-rpm enterprise class disc drive designed to run in the most I/O-demanding environments and meet mainstream enterprise applications needs. Backed with three previous generations of field-proven reliability and performance, the Cheetah 15K.4 disc drive is Seagate’s fastest, coolest, quietest and most reliable enterprise drive ever. The Cheetah 15K.4 is offered in capacities up to 147GB, and is the industry’s first 15000rpm drive to feature a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 1.4 million hours.

Cheetah 10K.7

The Cheetah 10K.7 is the lowest cost-per-gigabyte enterprise drive. The Cheetah 10K.7 is the industry’s first 10000rpm 3.5” drive with a 1.4 million hour MTBF rating and is offered in capacities of 73, 147, and 300GBs.

Seagate Compact Flash Photo Hard Drive

The new Seagate Compact Flash Photo Hard Drive offers 2.5GB and 5GB of capacity for digital cameras in a tiny 1” size and a Compact Flash interface. Consumers and professional photographers alike can choose massive capacities at a price far below solid state flash media, enabling them to complete a vacation or a full-scale professional photo shoot without carrying extra flash media.

Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

Designed with a smaller hard drive inside (2.5”) to offer up to 100GB of portable storage in a sleek and very small footprint for the desk, the Seagate Portable External Hard Drive is the smallest desktop external hard drive offered by any of the leading hard disc drive suppliers. This high-capacity, USB bus-powered portable external drive offers low power consumption, high shock tolerance, and a compact footprint - it's the ultimate solution for consumers and business travelers who want to take their digital content with them.

Seagate USB2 Pocket Hard Drive

Safely encased in a sleek round shell, Seagate USB2 Pocket HDD is as convenient to use as a USB thumb drive, while offering an incredible 2.5GB or 5GB of storage for transporting or temporarily backing up a huge amount of data.

Seagate External Hard Drive

Seagate will also offer its popular Seagate External Hard Drive with a new 400GB capacity. With stunning good looks, cool-running ruggedness, easy push-button backup, award-winning easy-to-use backup software, and a convenient on/off switch for power savings and data security, the Seagate External Hard Drive was developed from the ground up to deliver the highest consumer design standards ever seen in a hard drive.

Additionally, Seagate announced that it is currently shipping Savvio, the first 2.5” disc drive designed specifically for Enterprise applications, in volume to customers worldwide. The drives are available with 36- and 73GB capacities and 10000rpm rotation speed.

Seagate did not touch upon launch dates and pricing of its new products, but said all of them are to be available this year.