Patriot Renames Fusion Solid-State Drives to Torqx SSDs

Patriot Readies High-Performance SSDs with Up to 260MB/s Read Speed

by Anton Shilov
05/14/2009 | 08:59 AM

Patriot Memory, a leading supplier of advanced flash and DRAM products, this week announced renaming of the previously announced Fusion solid-state drives (SSDs) with DRAM cache into Torqx lineup. In addition, the company disclosed rather impressive performance figures for Torqx and said that it would provide special bracket that allows to install 2.5” SSDs into 3.5” bays of desktop PCs.


Patriot’s Torqx SSDs are based on Samsung Electronics’ multi-level cell flash memory and feature 64MB of DRAM cache. Patriot Torqx 128GB and 256GB solid-state drives feature up to 260MB/s read, and 180MB/s write speeds, whereas the 64GB version can boast with 220MB/s read and 135MB/s write speed. According to the manufacturer, the Torqx drives do not use internal RAID to boost performance of the units.

In addition, Patriot said that it would include a special bracket with its Torqx and Warp SSDs that allow to install these 2.5” flash-based storage devices into standard desktop 3.5” bays.

“Consumers are looking for options: our goal is to give them that opportunity to add new technology. By including the SSD bracket in all SSD purchases for the Warp and Torqx series, Patriot makes SSD an attractive choice for overclockers, gamers, and PC enthusiasts; a definite ‘value add’ for all consumers,” said JR Wakabayashi, Patriot’s marketing manager.

Patriot’s Torqx SSDs should be available shortly from now.