JEDEC and SFF to Jointly Develop Standards for Solid-State Drives

JEDEC and SFF to Collaborate on SSD Standards

by Anton Shilov
06/04/2009 | 12:56 PM

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association and the SFF Committee this week announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the development of joint standards and publications related to solid-state drives (SSDs), with particular emphasis on the development of registered outlines for SSDs.


“The collaboration between JEDEC and SFF will complement the standards setting process and help ensure that needed specifications are created without delay and unnecessary redundancy. JEDEC is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with SFF to meet the needs of the industry,” said Mian Quddus, chairman of the JEDEC board of directors.

The SFF Committee has been developing specifications for the storage industry since 1990, when it established the form factors of disk drives in order to make them interchangeable industry-wide. JEDEC standardizes various types of memory, including DRAM and flash.

Recognizing the pressing need for comprehensive SSD standards, the partnership between JEDEC and SFF is intended to help unify the industry with respect to solid state storage standards. SSDs offer a growth opportunity to the industry, but widely adopted standards addressing a number of critical areas are seen as essential to more mainstream use.

“Combining SFF’s experience in addressing storage industry needs with JEDEC’s expertise as the leading developer of standards for the solid state industry will ensure that manufacturers and suppliers can have confidence in the resulting documents,” said Dal Allan, chairman of the SFF Committee.