Fusion-io Reveals PCIe-Based ioXtreme Solid-State Drive with “Fatal1ty”

Fusion-io Releases SSD for Content Creators, Digital Media Artists, Gamers

by Anton Shilov
06/05/2009 | 04:39 AM

Fusion-io, a provider of leading-edge solid-state drives, has released its new advanced solid-state drive (SSD) ioXtreme that not only beats competing solutions, but is also a tad more affordable. In order to attract attention of the masses, Fusion-io teamed up with Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, a well known video-game champ, to promote the high-end SSD.


Fusion-io ioXtreme solid-state drive with 80GB capacity provides 520MB/s average bandwidth and 617MB/s burst bandwidth – Fusion-io does not declare traditional maximum sequential read and write speeds and concentrates on actual performance under certain loads. Even though the ioXtreme is based on multi-level cell (MLC) flash, the performance of the unit is much higher compared to, for example, Intel X25-E enterprise-class single-level cell (SLC) flash powered SSD (250MB/s sustained read and 170MB/s sustained write).

“The ioXtreme supercharges high-end PCs and workstations. Imagine playing the most intense game, working on complex 3D graphics, manipulating massive files, ripping multiple DVDs and installing a new application – all simultaneously. The technology is crazy and works at the speed I need,” said Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. .

Fusion-io ioXtreme is designed for PCI Express x4 bus and is compatible only with 64-bit Windows or Linux operating systems. The manufacturer declares two million hours meantime between failure (MTBF) as well as 6 years write endurance for the ioXtreme.

Fusion-io ioXtreme is scheduled for release in July at a list price of $895, which is considerably lower compared to SLC-based SSDs, but is still too much for a 80GB storage device.

“Johnathan’s experience with high-end computing has given him a unique insight into the disruption our core technology brings to all levels of computing. The ioXtreme is a good example of how combining the wisdom of veterans, such as myself, with next generation expertise such as Johnathan’s, will take Fusion-io’s performance revolution into the future,” said Steve Wozniak, chief scientist of Fusion-io.