Samsung Unveils 7200RPM Hard Drives with 500GB Platters

Samsung Releases New Spinpoint F3 HDDs with 500GB Platters, 7200RPM Spindle Speed

by Anton Shilov
07/29/2009 | 11:54 AM

Samsung Electronics, a leading maker of hard disk drives, this week unveiled its new hard drives that feature 500GB platters as well as 7200RPM spindle speed. According to Samsung, 1TB HDDs powered by 500GB platters aimed at desktops and servers offer 30% higher performance compared to previously available 1TB models.


“Our customers require not only additional capacity but also high performance for their server and desktop storage systems, while promoting a green environment. The massive capacity-per-platter and high-performance features of the new Spinpoint F3 make it an attractive solution for driving the growth of high-density storage,” said Choel-Hee Lee, vice president of marketing at storage systems division at Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung Spinpoint F3 in 3.5” form-factor incorporates 500GB platters, 7200RPM rotational speed, Serial ATA-300 interface, native command queuing features and a 16MB/32MB buffer memory. The Spinpoint F3 is currently available in 500GB capacities worldwide. The 1TB drive is scheduled for initial shipment in August. Earlier this year Samsung unveiled HDDs with 500GB platters with 5400RPM spindle-speed.

According to Samsung, increased areal density per platter provides up to a 30% higher performance than a three-platter 1 TB in the same 3.5” form factor. A reduction in mechanical parts also contributes to enhanced reliability in terms of anti-shock and data failure.

“Market forecasts estimate 500GB per platter and higher densities will experience over 15 percent annual growth in the next five years, with expectations that high density storage will become main stream for 3.5” storage beyond 2010,” said Mark Geenen, president of Trendfocus.