SanDisk Offers SSDs with 10 Years Warranty

SanDisk G3 SSD Shipping to Retailers: 7200rpm Performance, 10 Years Warranty

by Anton Shilov
02/23/2010 | 03:50 PM

SanDisk Corp., a leading producer of flash memory-based products, on Tuesday said it had started shipments of its new solid-state drives. But while the new SSDs offer ten-years limited warranty, they only boast, according to the maker, with performance of 7200rpm-class hard disk drives.


SanDisk plans to offer its G3 SSDs with 60GB and 120GB capacities as well as rather absolutely unprecedented warranty of 10 years via the U.S. and UK e-commerce sites with prices of $229.99 and $399.99 respectively, something can hardly be understood, considering declared performance: 7200rpm hard disk drive. Nevertheless, SanDisk proclaims a number of other valuable advantages:

"SanDisk believes in an uncompromising development approach which insists that an SSD's long term reliability and durability are just as important as its overall speed. We're leveraging our long history of flash memory and retail expertise to bring the SanDisk G3 SSD to market,” said Eric Bone, vice president, retail product marketing, SanDisk.