Plextor Initiates Shipments of Solid-State Drives

Plextor Begins to Ship SSDs

by Anton Shilov
03/03/2010 | 01:17 PM

Plextor, a leading supplier of optical disk drives and other equipment, said this week that it had started to ship its own-brand solid-state drives (SSDs). Even though Plextor is known for premium quality and performance, its SSDs can hardly boast with truly high performance.


The Plextor PX-64M1S with 64GB capacity delivers up to 110MB/s sequential read, 65MB/s in sequential write, and up to 4200 random read IOPS and 1200 random write IOPS. The PX-128M1S with 128GB capacity delivers up to 130MB/s sequential read, 70MB/s sequential write, and up to 4300 random read IOPS and 1800 random write IOPS. The SSDs also come equipped with Plextor’s unique Wear Leveling algorithm to maintain reliability over an extended period of usage and S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to analyze and report errors. Plextor’s 2.5” first generation of SSDs use Marvell controller chipsets and sport Serial ATA interfact.

“We’re excited to leverage Plextor’s expertise in optical storage and enter the SSD market as it continues to grow. PCMark, SYSmark and HD Benchmark industry utility tests scored Plextor SSDs high and we’re proud to have the new lineup available to our customers,” said Esteban Kim, director of new business development at Plextor.

Plextor SSDs are available now, with MSRP around $225 for 64GB and $400 for 128GB.