Sharp to Begin Selling of 100GB Blu-Ray Media

Sharp to Start Manufacturing of BDXL Media

by Anton Shilov
07/18/2010 | 10:12 PM

Sharp. Corp. has announced that it would begin selling its triple-layer BDXL media with capacity of 100GB. Sharp is the first company on the planet to start making media compatible with the recently ratified standard.


Sharp introduced the VR-100BR1 triple-layer Blu-ray disc media (write-once) that conforms to the BDXL format specification, the new multi-layer recordable Blu-ray format. The world's first Blu-ray XL media will be available in Japan beginning July 30, 2010.

This disc media product conforms to the new BDXL format specification that extends the storage capacity of Blu-ray discs to 100GB, twice the 50GB storage capacity of existing dual-layer discs. This new format enables recording approximately 12 hours of terrestrial digital TV broadcasts or approximately 8.6 hours of BS digital TV broadcasts. It expands the range of applications for Blu-ray Discs to include recording and saving*4 long-duration HDTV programs or multiple episodes of serial dramas onto a single disc with the same high-definition image quality as the original.

The official price of the world's first BDXL 100GB disc is not set at the moment.