Seagate Releases World’s First 2.5” Enterprise Hard Drive with 1TB Capacity

Seagate Introduces Constellation.2 Drive, Touts Performance amid Reliability

by Anton Shilov
12/13/2010 | 09:48 PM

Seagate Technologies, the largest supplier of enterprise-class hard disk drives in the world, on Monday introduced its Constellation.2 hard disk drive (HDD). The novelty comes in 2.5” form-factor, offers 1TB of capacity as well as a number of enterprise-class features, a set of capabilities unique to Constellation.2 presently.


“The Constellation.2 underscores Seagate’s commitment to its customers to deliver industry-leading solutions that meet the demands of IT professionals today and tomorrow. With its class-leading reliability, record-breaking capacity, and improvements made along its entire range of features, Constellation.2 drive is a perfect solution for dense server and storage systems,” said Carla Kennedy, vice president of product line management at Seagate.

The Constellation.2 drive is offered in capacity choices of 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB, and with Serial ATA-600 or Serial Attached SCSI-600 interface options. The drive has 7200rpm spindle speed as well as 64MB of cache. Seagate declares 4.16ms average latency, 8.5ms random seek time as well as 9.5ms random write seek time. The Constellation.2’s average idle power is 3.85W and average operating power is 6.4W.

The advanced second-generation design of Seagate Constellation.2 provides improved data integrity with the new T10 Protection Information standard and an increase in reliability (1.4 million hours MTBF). With a self encrypting drive (SED) option, data security is covered throughout the entire drive lifecycle.

The Constellation.2 drive is designed for system builders and OEMs who want to offer competitive, feature-rich, bulk storage solutions for a sustainable future. The Constellation.2 drive is fit for use in a range of applications in Directed Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) environments, from small-to-midsized businesses to the largest enterprise data centers storing and hosting data to the cloud.

“Data center managers continue to seek out more efficient storage technologies without sacrificing performance, while still meeting capacity growth requirements. Reaching the 1TB capacity in a small form factor design gives IT managers more options to meet capacity requirements with efficient storage platforms. IDC expects the use of capacity-optimized drives like Seagate’s 1TB Constellation.2 to increase by more than 50% from 2010 to 2014,” said John Rydning, research director for IDC.

Constellation.2 drives are currently shipping to OEMs and the worldwide distribution channel. Dell expects to ship systems with this drive starting in late December.