Corsair Recalls Certain SSDs with SandForce Controllers

Corsair Finds Some of SandForce-Powered SSDs Faulty

by Anton Shilov
06/08/2011 | 09:01 AM

Corsair Memory, a leading manufacturer of memory modules and a well-known provider of solid-state drives (SSDs), announced a recall of certain SSDs with SandForce controllers. According to the company some of Corsair Force 3-series 120GB SSDs require both new firmware as well as hardware repair.


Corsair indicated that over the past several days it analyzed issues associated with the stability of our recently released 120GB Force 3-series SSD and identified that a significant percentage of these drive do not perform to specifications. In particular, operating systems may malfunction or certain data may be lost. The solution of the problem will require changes to both the SSD firmware and the hardware components of the SSD itself, according to the manufacturer.

"We have stopped shipments of the affected drive, Corsair part number CSSD-F120GB3-BK, effective immediately and have implemented a remediation plan," a statement by Corsair reads.

Corsair advices users to urgently stop using the Corsair Force 3-series 120GB SSD with CSSD-F120GB3-BK part number, arrange a replacement on the company's web-site and either return the drives to Corsair or to the place of purchase. The company further notes that the drives with part numbers CSSD-F60GBG3-BK, CSSD-F240GBG3-BK as well as Force GT-series drives are not affected by this issue.

Corsair is by far not the only manufacturer to use SandForce SSD controllers. It is not completely clear whether drives from other companies' may be affected and whether the failure is caused by the controller itself, a combination of firmware and controller or due to other reasons.