Samsung Unveils World’s First Standard 2.5” HDD for Notebooks with 1TB Capacity

Samsung Launches 1TB Standard-Height 2.5” HDD for Laptops

by Anton Shilov
06/09/2011 | 02:43 PM

Samsung Electronics, the company that in the process of selling its hard disk drive (HDD) business to Seagate Technology, on Thursday unveiled the industry’s first 2.5” hard drive with 1TB capacity and standard 9.5mm height. Previously 1TB 2.5 HDDs were 12.5mm in height.


The new Samsung Spinpoint M8 is based on two 500GB platters that are made using the latest-generation perpendicular magnetic recording technology with whopping 636Gb/inch² (636Gb per square inch). The high areal density was achieved by utilizing advanced format technology (AFT), which raises the data storage density per unit area, enabling efficient and convenient data storage. A reduced number of components such as disks and heads also contribute to approximately 7% increase in operation speeds and 8% decline in power demand.

The drive features 5400rpm spindle speed, 8MB cache as well as Serial ATA-300 interface. The manufacturer declares 12ms average seek time, 5.6ms average latency. The HDD proves to be quite energy-efficient with official 2.2W read/write power consumption, 2W seek power consumption, 0.7W idle power consumption and 0.2W standby power consumption. The Spinpoint M incorporates EcoSeek and NoiseGuard features for minimal noise levels. Besides, a redesign of the overall structure ensures enhanced shock resistance to protect the disk from physical fracture and data loss.

"The new Spinpoint M8 line-up supports the ongoing growth curve for high density data storage densities, especially as it raises the bar to exceed terabyte density levels in the mobile computing space,” said C.H. Lee, vice president of storage strategic marketing at Samsung.

Spinpoint M8 is currently in mass production and available worldwide with the 1TB drive at an MSRP of $129.