OCZ Introduces Deneva 2 SSD-Series for Enterprise Applications

OCZ Debuts SandForce-Based SATA-600 SSDs for Servers and Data Centers

by Anton Shilov
06/21/2011 | 10:23 PM

OCZ Technology Group on Tuesday introduced its new Deneva 2 lineup of solid-state drives that are designed for servers or data centers and are powered by SandForce SF-2000-series controllers and feature Serial ATA-600 interface. Similar drives have been available for consumers for some time now, but Deneva 2 sports a number of exclusive reliability features.


Based on SandForce SF-2000 SSD controllers, the Deneva 2 series delivers up to 80 000 4KB random write IOPS and 550MB/s of potential bandwidth. The series utilizes enterprise-grade multi-level cell (eMLC) NAND flash memory, which offers improved endurance for write-intensive applications. Deneva 2 SSDs can also be customized, come in a wide variety of interface options including PCIe, and are available in 2.5", 3.5", and 1.8" form-factors for use in very high density computing environments, including blade servers.

OCZ Deneva 2, the company’s latest offering, features several enterprise-critical options not available in OCZ's consumer product lines, including power loss data protection, best-in-class endurance (e.g., minimal write amplification, intelligent block management and wear-leveling), and advanced encryption and ECC.

“Deneva 2 SSDs are optimized for high-volume storage applications, offer industry-leading reliability, and leverage the latest NAND and controller technology to deliver superior performance. This combination means that enterprises can overcome previous roadblocks, and use their data in real-time," said Ryan Petersen, chief executive officer at OCZ Technology Group.

As the demand for increased storage efficiency, maximized data throughput, and a smaller operating footprint broadens across various industries, more and more companies are turning to the benefits of SSDs to optimize their storage infrastructures. Deneva 2 SSDs are designed for a wide range of enterprise applications including servers, cloud computing, and data centers.

"Data centers are one application where the speed benefits of a fast SSD visibly fall straight to a company's bottom line. This has driven the enterprise to be the fastest-growing market for SSDs - Objective Analysis forecasts for enterprise SSD unit shipments to grow at an average annual rate of 83%, nearly doubling every year," said Jim Handy, an SSD analyst with Objective Analysis.