OCZ Speeds Up Enterprise-Class Talos 2 Solid-State Drives

OCZ Adds VCA 2.0 Technology to Talos 2 SSDs

by Anton Shilov
11/30/2011 | 09:52 PM

OCZ Technology Group this week introduced Talos 2 solid-state drives (SSDs) that use dual-port SAS 6Gb/s interface, support OCZ Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) 2.0 technology and increase performance over Talos SSD launched earlier this year. The Talos 2 are designed for enterprises users that demand ultimate performance among ultimate reliability.


OCZ Talos 2 comes in 2.5" form-factor and is initially available in 200GB, 400GB and 800GB capacities with 100GB and 1TB to follow. Talos 2 SSDs deliver superior random transactional performance at up to 70 000 4K IOPS and features improved mixed workload (75% read; 25% write) performance with up to 42 000 8K IOPS. The new drives can provide up to 550MB/s read bandwidth and up to 375MB/s write bandwidth. Talos 2 leverages OCZ VCA 2.0 technology which implements an intelligent complex command queuing structure with unique queue balancing algorithms to provide exceptional performance.

Since Talos 2 enterprise SSDs are sold directly to end-users or to server makers, OCZ can install MLC, eMLC or SLC NAND flash memory depending on needs.

Unlike many SAS SSDs, the Talos Series is dual-ported to offer superior data integrity and increased performance, along with delivering a robust enterprise feature-set including DataWrite Assurance Protection in case of sudden power loss. Talos 2 also includes the option to enable T10-DIF (Data Integrity Field), allowing for the insertion of 8 bytes of additional data during transfers to ensure complete data integrity.

“The Talos 2 SAS solid state drives expand on the original series by offering enterprise customers superior performance, reliability, and density all in a compact footprint. The Talos 2 enterprise SSDs are optimized for the most demanding storage systems and provide clients with an easy to deploy solution that vastly improves application performance over traditional SAS based HDDs,” said Ryan Petersen, chief executive officer of OCZ technology Group.

OCZ is now sampling Talos 2 to strategic customers and the drives will be made available to SMB and enterprise clients through OCZ's global business-to-business channel.