Hitachi Unveils “Highest Performance” 10K Ultrastar Hard Drives for Enterprise

Hitachi’s New Ultrastar C10K900 Hard Drives Promises Highest Performance, Highest Power Efficiency

by Anton Shilov
12/14/2011 | 11:41 AM

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) has introduced its new Ultrastar C10K900 enterprise drive family with 10K rpm spindle speed that promises to deliver new levels of performance and power efficiency to tier 1 enterprise systems. Hitach claims that the novelty offers 18% faster sequential and up to 17% faster random performance than the nearest competitor.


Hitachi C10K900 family of hard drives in 2.5” form-factor is available in 300GB, 450GB, 600GB and 900GB capacities, feature 10 000rpm spindle speed, 64MB cache and uses SAS 6Gb/s interface. Hitachi declares 263.1MB/s media transfer rate, 198MB/s to 117MB/s sustained transfer rate, 3.8ms/4.2ms read/typical seek time as well as average latency time below 3.0 milliseconds. The new C10K900 drives consume 5.8W of power typically and 3.0W in idle mode.

Hitachi Advanced Power Management technology, with multi-state idle modes, maintains compatibility with the INCITS T10 Technical Committee industry standards and can be pre-programmed or manually initiated in the system.

"When combining the drive’s capacity, leading performance, low power and proven quality design, the Ultrastar C10K900 is the ideal choice for today’s enterprise-class servers and networked storage arrays. Because of our quality reputation and commitment, we are thrilled to report that our enterprise drives continue to be recognized as a leader in quality and reliability by OEM customers worldwide. We are confident that with our new Ultrastar C10K900 drive family, Hitachi customers will continue to benefit from our field-proven platform, industry-leading technology, performance and high reliability,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing, Hitachi GST.

The Ultrastar C10K900 family features a Bulk Data Encryption option for hard drive-level data security.  These self-encrypting models are designed to the Trusted Computing Group’s Enterprise A Security Subsystem Class encryption specification and allow customers to reduce costs associated with drive retirement and extend drive life by enabling swift and secure repurposing of drives.

Hitachi GST is now shipping Ultrastar C10K900 qualification units with volume shipments in Q1 2012.