Fusion-io Debuts Fusion ioFX Solid-State Drives for Workstations

Fusion-io Reveals Workstation-Optimized ioFX SSDs

by Anton Shilov
04/13/2012 | 02:16 PM

Fusion-io this week introduced a special solid-state drive designed specifically for workstation workloads. The new SSD uses the company's proprietary ioMemory to eliminate data bottlenecks that slow the creative production process for digital artists, e.g. sustained high performance in multi-threaded apps. Unfortunately, the price of the device exceeds that of entry-level workstations.


“Whether working on shots in a large studio, boutique or as an independent artist, there has long been a performance gap that limits how well even the most cutting edge applications can perform in professional workstations,” said Vincent Brisebois, performance computing industry senior director at Fusion-io.

Fusion ioFX solid-state drive for workstation is available in 420GB capacity and is based on QDP MLC (quad-die package multi-level cell) NAND flash memory as well as Furion-io's own controller. The maker declares up to 1.4GB/s read bandwidth and 42ns average latency time for its ioFX SSD. The drive utilizes PCI Express 2.0 x4 (physical x8) interface. The ioFX is compatible with a broad list of operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Mac OS X, RHEL, SLED and OEL.

Thanks to the cut-through architecture of ioMemory, the Fusion ioFX provides low-latency data performance tuned to manipulate digital content on the fly. With the ioFX, professionals can now view changes in real-time, even when working with ultra high resolution (2K, 4K, 5K) or stereoscopic content. The ioFX SSDs are optimized for sustained performance in multithreaded applications; accelerated video and image editing and compositing programs; encoding/transcoding as well as other data-intensive activities in contemporary digital production.

The Fusion ioSphere management system included with the ioFX allows studio IT managers to monitor and manage all Fusion ioMemory products deployed throughout the infrastructure from a single interface, including Fusion ioFX in workstations and Fusion ioDrives in servers. The ioSphere system delivers historical performance monitoring and reporting, live performance metrics, alerts and more to ensure production continues running smoothly.

The Fusion ioFX will be available from Fusion-io and select resellers in late Spring 2012 at a list price of $2495, which includes a one-year support contract.

“Not too long ago, performance like this would have been cost prohibitive for boutique studios or independent artists. With the ioFX, artists now have a powerful tool to unlock creative possibilities in their workstation, and industry leading software developers can finally deliver impressive new features that were not previously possible,” said Mr. Brisebois.