IDT to Present NVM Specs, Unleash Controllers for PCIe SSDs This Month

IDT First to Release NVMe-Compatible SSD Controllers

by Anton Shilov
08/14/2012 | 10:43 PM

Integrated Device Technology, a leading designer of various controllers, has announced that it will be presenting on the NVM Express (NVMe) specification for solid-state drives with PCI Express interface as well as exhibiting its latest enterprise flash controller products at Flash Memory Summit.


The NVM Express standard defines an optimized register interface, command set, and feature set for PCI Express solid-state drives. By eliminating the need for proprietary drivers, NVMe is helping to drive the adoption of PCIe SSDs and realize the performance potential of SSD technology. IDT will be demonstrating its latest flash controllers at the Flash Memory Summit. The presentation will provide an overview of NVM Express along with a detailed outline of the specification’s performance features.

“As the developer of the industry’s first flash controller with native PCIe for enterprise SSDs and a founding member of the NVMe promoter group, IDT is committed to the development of enterprise PCIe-based flash controllers. PCI Express provides the performance and low latency needed to realize the full potential of enterprise SSDs. The Flash Memory Summit is an ideal venue for showcasing the innovative work that IDT has been doing in this area,” said Kam Eshghi, senior director of marketing of the enterprise computing division of IDT.