New OCZ Chief Exec to Focus on Innovation, Quality and Profitability

Ralph Schmitt Vows to Make Company's Execution Credible and Consistent

by Anton Shilov
10/11/2012 | 06:47 PM

The new chief executive officer of OCZ Technology Group - Ralph Schmitt - has revealed his vision about execution of the company going forward. Strategically, OCZ will concentrate on three key pillars - innovation, quality and profitability - that the company will focus on in the future. Additionally, he promised to take responsible business practices and streamline execution in general.


"The tenets of our business moving forward will be simple. Our actions will be based on innovation, quality and profitability. The DNA of OCZ is in a steadfast focus on time to market and performance. That will remain unchanged as we continue to use that focus to drive our efforts into the marketplace," said Ralph Schmitt, chief executive officer of OCZ Technology, during a conference call with financial analysts.

The new chief executive officer fully admits that even though OCZ is now one of the world's largest and best-known suppliers of solid-state drives, the market that is growing rapidly these days, the company clearly faces many challenges and problems, besides, there are things that must be fixed.

"OCZ has a polarizing image: there are relentless fans and equally relentless detractors. It is my goal to continue to do the things that make people so passionate about this company. We will build the highest performing and reliable products in our target markets. We will fix the things that have been the source of our very vocal detractors," stressed the newly appointed chief exec.

One of the key things that Mr. Schmitt will need to address as the CEO will be execution and business practices at the company. To successfully compete against significantly bigger competitors, OCZ had to take risky decisions and make dangerous moves to be first on the market, gain market share and win profitable contracts. However, the situation got too tough in the last quarter, which is something that made investors so unhappy that they decided to change the management of the company.

"Credibility and consistency will be paramount, and we will talk less and execute better. My approach is to empower our employees to take the appropriate risks, make decisions and be accountable for their actions. When they succeed as individuals, we will succeed as a company," stressed the new chief executive of the company.